Hi there, I'm Pairjax, and I'm currently looking for players for a custom campaign on TTS!

What is Rise?
Rise is a hodgepodge of different experimental ideas, combined to see how they interact with each other, including:
- Base combat mechanics of "freeform combat," wherein players design their own attacks & playstyle.
- Learning mechanics as you play, unfolding the mechanics to grow deeper & more strategy-based over time.
- Player-tailored experiences. This is not a DM choice, this is a game feature. The world literally changes depending on what character you want to play.
- "Expansion Packs" - If you're really interested, you can communicate with me to merge a game mechanic with the preexisting one. For example, one of the players is currently combining a TCG (similar to YuGiOh) with the core mechanic, which is awesome. Any game genre is free real estate.
- Epic story: Not epic as in "it's great", epic as in it's designed from the ground up to be on a very big scale. This is Odyssey-sized, not a one-shot.

What isn't Rise?
Rise is definitely not a flawless game. If you want a skilled DM who will provide great acting, I'd say I'm more on the amateurish side. I'll improve as we go, but this is my first time doing a campaign with this system. If you're here for a game with deeply complex game mechanics, the beginning sessions are really not going to be for you. If you want to join at a later date, that might be more suitable.

Want to play?
Awesome! The biggest thing I look for in Rise is someone who brings something new to the table. If you don't like roleplaying, you can definitely still get in. All I want to see is what you, and you alone, can bring. There is no one specific thing that I'm looking for. It could be your own unique game mechanic, a character trait, or something else I would've never even expected! Surprise me.
Here's the sign-up sheet:
If you don't want to/can't fill something out, just write "I don't know"

Feel free to contact me by friending me on discord, it's Pairjax#6073