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Thread: Links not working

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    Links not working

    Everything that seems like a link does not work for me. See referenced picture for all links.

    Because they do not work I'm not sure if they are supposed to work or not. So if none of these are links (that open a browser I presume) please let me know.

    My firewall allows TTS and I can connect to games hosted by others, I can use webRequests, or anything that requires some type of connectivity except when I click on [assumed] links.


    ([URL=""]original post on Steam[/URL])

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    Is your Steam overlay turned off for the game?

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    Yes, it is disabled in the Steam master settings so no game ever uses it... I take it this game requires it?

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    Turned Steam Overlay on in the master settings for steam. Yup, this functionality is directly linked to whether or not we have the Overlay on.

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