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Thread: Typos and General Selections

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    Typos and General Selections

    There are a few relatively minor issues with this DLC that I feel might be easily fixable:

    1. Zhuge Liag
    Shu (green) officer Zhuge Liang's general token suffers from a [URL=""]similar affliction to the Han Emperor token[/URL], being spelled as "Zhuge Liag". The correct spelling is printed onto the actual token. This would be extremely easy to fix.
    Zhuge Liag.jpg

    2. Rank Track Descriptor
    The description for this is quite awkwardly worded. It also, I assume, is attempting to use the phrase "...thereby deposing the Han emperor" instead of what it actually says, which is "...thereby disposing the Han emperor". The Han Emperor should also probably have both words in his title capitalised. Might I suggest this be changed to something along the lines of:
    "A player increasing their rank to that of Emperor, thereby deposing the Han Emperor, will cause the game to finish at the end of that round."
    Rank Track.jpg

    3. General Selection Confusion
    Before the first round of the game, each player selects a number of generals to use during the game. This is achieved by pressing the buttons above the cards that appear to place a big red X on the cards a player doesn't want. I have experienced players becoming a little confused as to why there is a green tick on the buttons above those cards which have this large red X on them. The part where this can be potentially frustrating is for the Wu (red) player who selects three generals to recruit and three to shuffle back into the deck. For the other two players, you can get by knowing that the recruited and unrecruited generals will be different in number. But for Wu, having three and three means a newcomer might have to guess whether the ticks above their choices mean those are the generals being kept, or the larger crosses on those same actual cards mean they aren't.
    To me, the easiest fix to this would be to reverse the images shown on the buttons. Put the ticks above the currently chosen generals and crosses above the ones you de-select (which would also then have a larger X on the card as well). This would mean all generals would start with ticks above them instead of crosses. Nothing else would have to change.
    Wu general selection 1.jpgWu general selection 2.jpg
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