Untrained into Trained Armies
I greatly admire the many flipable tokens in this Three Kingdoms Redux DLC. The farms, marketplaces, and VP flags are truly impressive and very satisfying to be able to flip into their two different states! Great! This is also the case in the physical copy of the game, and the 3D models here really make the game pop!

However, the Untrained Armies and the Trained Armies remain as two completely separate pieces. In the physical game, you need only turn over an Untrained Army to become a Trained army, no need to exchange the tokens. This kind of busy-work, exchanging one kind of token for another, seems like it does not strictly need to be in the TTS DLC either. Is there any particular reason why armies were not designed to be flipped over to become Trained Armies? I think this would be a really great addition to the DLC, although I'm not sure how much work it would entail.

I realise this is a small niggle, but thought it might be worth suggesting as a small quality of life improvement.

Training Untrained Armies.jpg