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Thread: Buttons to "Open Custom File in folder"

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    Exclamation Buttons to "Open Custom File in folder"

    It would be really great if there were buttons that open a custom object's file in a folder.

    The idea of this is making it easy to access a certain file. I was asked to reupload some content that I have cached but has broken links on the Workshop, but having to search through the Images or Models folder is a nightmare when you have a few hundred mods (and I have several thousands). So there should be buttons that find the file in the folder for us, since the game already knows where that file is!

    For custom cards, an option in the right-click menu would be the best choice, opening a folder with the deck file highlighted.
    For custom Models, there should be a button next to each category (Model/Mesh, Diffuse/Image, Normal/Bump, Colider) that opens a folder with each of those files highlighted.

    This seems like a small thing, but it would go a long way towards helping mods stay stable through reuploads or make modifications a lot easier
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    I'd be pretty happy with obj.reload({ignoreCache = true}) or obj.clearCache() or similiar. Right now it's also impossible to update assets without relinking them in TTS (if we can update it at the source) which is a pain.

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