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Thread: Properly using isOn and animation SlideIn_Right in XML UI?

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    Question Properly using isOn and animation SlideIn_Right in XML UI?

    Hey everyone... I've been having a few difficulties again and I was hoping you could help me out.

    1) When using a ToggleButton with the isOn attribute; how exactly do I use it in the called function? The api says...

    "If the toggle is "on" or not. Is the value sent to onValueChanged's function"

    I've tried acquiring this bool value from within the function, but have had no success.

    2) When trying to create a UI window that slides in from a direction (in this case testing from the right)...

    Is there a way to specify the starting position and the ending position of the slide? Currently, the slide only seems to move around a millimeter on screen from start to finish. I'd like the window to be completely off screen, and then smoothly slide in to a desired position; is this possible, or is the animation confined to set parameters?

    3) This is just an added question here in case you guys can answer it for me without needing to create a separate thread for every small question... When using an input function such as a button, is there any way to disable the click sound?.. Since I have two buttons set up on different parts of my UI which call the same function, the click noise is heard twice after pressing one of the buttons.

    Thanks for all the help guys, and as always, your time and effort is much appreciated.
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