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Thread: Hex maps

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    Hex maps

    Is there a way to make a hexmap?

    What I'm looking for specifically: A counter, or a group of counters, will be inside a given hex. Normally, that would be one piece inside one hex; however, in some cases there will be multiple pieces in a single hex. When possible, the pieces should automatically spread out inside that hex.

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    Hex maps

    This game has a built in grid system that does either hex or box. while in the game, go to the tool bar at the top > Host > Grid.

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    Hex maps

    And if it's not always "pieces are on the grid"?

    Say, for example, your hexes are 1 inch giants, you can and typically will have 2-3 (up to 4) pieces in a hex. Singletons are rare for players, but common enough for "wandering hostiles" (for lack of a better name)

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    Hex maps

    If you do no want specific objects to snap to grid you can uncheck grid under in the right click menu.

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    Hex maps

    if you still cant get it, try thr tutorials [url=""][/url]

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    Hex maps

    aything that is imported as a dice will always ignore grid snapping!
    imported dice are flipped by switching between 2 keys that add up to 7.

    your hex tiles should not be "dice" , and they will snap to a hex grid you set as grid.
    "dice" nicely to NOT snap to a grid.

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