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    PDF Rulebook


    I have a suggestion that I think is much needed for this game; PDF Rulebooks. In the Rules section of the Notebook menu, there should be an option to simply link or upload a PDF file to use as a rulebook, rather than simply text on its own. There are many games that require things like images, arrows etc. to show how to play the game and the current Rulebook does not support this. Having PDF as a Rulebook would even simply improve the user experience, making life easier rather than having to open a browser in another window or to slowly flip through a physical book object placed on the table.

    Many thanks!

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    This is already available in the form of the tablet. You can enter any URL on it.
    This is better than just a PDF thing, it does a pretty good job with any web doc.

    There is also a button on it that puts puts the tablet content on your screen for easier reading.

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    2 solutions: [URL=""]My mod[/URL] that kind of turns a bunch of images into an on-screen book where you can turn pages and zoom in, etc. 2nd solution is [URL=""]CHRY's new mod[/URL].

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    Thanks for the help guys! I just personally think if they added some kind of extended customization and support for the in-game Rulebook it would make life a lot easier. Would also make a gamemode feel more 'polished' and would give the Rulebook an actual use. I guess for now we'll just haveto stick with the workarounds

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