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Thread: TTS keeps crashing on loading screen

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    TTS keeps crashing on loading screen

    I recently ran into a problem where tabletop sim keeps crashing on the loading screen nearly every time I start it up. I have tried:
    -Restarting my computer
    -Uninstalling and reinstalling TTS
    -Added tabletop simulator to the list of apps allowed by my antivirus (I use Windows Defender)
    -Verifying the game cache
    -Updating my drivers
    -Uninstalling and reinstalling Microsoft 2012 C++ Redistributables

    In the off chance that the game does start, I get an error in the main menu that says:
    Save .json error: Could not find a part of the path "\\My Games\\\MyGames\Tabletop Simulator\Graphics.json"

    The strange thing about that error is that I checked the directory it's referring to and it's most definitely there.

    I'm totally at a loss as to how to fix this, and would really appreciate it if someone could help

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    What OS are you running? Have you gone through the entire recommended solutions to common problem thread posted by Kimiko at the top of these forums? Have you run /log either in game by typing it in a chatbox, or as an attribute "-log" in the steam run-with-options feature. That log file can reveal a lot.

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