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Thread: "Yes to All" on "Randomize this zone?" dialogs

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    "Yes to All" on "Randomize this zone?" dialogs

    Some mods on the workshop use randomize zones to make setting up games with randomly shuffled elements easier and more convenient.
    Many of the mods that do use randomize zones use multiple of those.

    When the host loads in a mod with such a zones, he might have to click through multiple instances of "Do you want to randomize this zone? Oh what about this one? There's this one too, do you want it randomized too? And this one?". While not extremely troublesome or important, I think a "Yes to all", or a checkbox "Do this for all zones" would save a small amount of annoyance when preparing to set up and play such a mod.

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    Not to mention that when you get that pop-up, you have no idea what will be randomized. (or at least I certainly don't!)

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    Yea it would be quite nice. I did request a similar thing a while back. One solution for this btw, if you make mods, is to just add
    function OnLoad()
    to any object you want randomized. It'll randomize but it doesnt give a popup confirmation

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