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Thread: Auto Save folder under saves menu that holds 5+ backups, and new settings options

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    Lightbulb Auto Save folder under saves menu that holds 5+ backups, and new settings options

    I just lost A LOT of my scripting work that I had not taken the time to back up to another source.. I understand that its my own fault, and I knew I should have backed up before hand, but you know how stuff happens.. I've been excited about creating new content and simply forgot after feeling pretty confident with the game saving and keeping my scripts, or at least I thought. Anyway, after trying to reload the Auto Save, it had already created a new save and wiped over anything worth keeping.

    Therefore, I believe a lot players including myself could severely benefit if a folder was created by the game automatically under the Save & Load menu that would keep a number of Auto Saves. Preferably this number would be at least 5+, but it would be even better if it was editable via the settings menu depending on what people want.

    - Number of auto saves kept: 5
    - Autosave interval in Minutes: 5

    I'm currently in the process of rebuilding my scripts . I don't blame anyone than myself for not having backups, but looking to the future, it would be nice to see such a feature implemented.

    Thanks for reading.
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    Yea that would be nice. I once accidentally saved over the auto-save and thought I'd lost a lot of work too, so I support this idea

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    Bump! While learning a game, or in complex games, if an error is made a ways into a game and after an auto-save and beyond the rewind, there's no recovery - this has bitten me a few times. Just now my computer crashed hours into a game, perhaps while writing the auto-save, as the ONE auto-save file is corrupted, so again I have no recovery. Pretty please, implement this!

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