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Thread: [v3.4] Simple hotkey helpful for cardgames

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    [v3.4] Simple hotkey helpful for cardgames

    First off thank you for creating a fantastic game, neigh, a fantastic engine that I never knew that I needed in my life.

    Now here is my simple suggestion that would improve game flow in card games especially:

    Issue: Often times in games you find your card facing 90 degrees to the direction you wish it to be, ie when you draw from a Munchkin deck. Other times the game calls for you to turn a card ninety degrees and place it, ie 'tapping' a card in Magic the Gathering, or getting a card to sit in it's place on a gameboard if you are a player on one of the sides of the table.

    The existing keys for rotation (Q, E, and mousewheel) are adequate, however you often over-turn the piece and have to turn slightly back making this maneuver take significantly longer to do than it would in real life. The actual time delay is negligible however it can add up over the course of the game and it also feels clunky compared to the dexterity of a real hand

    Solution: hotkeys to quickly facilitate broad orientations of cards.


    --Shift-Q/Shift-E while holding a card or deck or even gamepiece could quickly turn the piece 90 degrees to the left/right respectively.

    --Shift-W/Shift-S while holding a card, deck, or gamepiece could quickly orient the object to be facing away-from/towards (respectively) your camera or side of the table

    Thank you for your time, and again thank you for what you have created.

    Edit: it just occured to me that the left shift key is currently occupied by the push/nudge command. Ctrl could serve this purpose equally well. And for the case of avoiding modifier keys all together might I reccomend the arrow pad or num pad for quickly controlling object orientation

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    [Suggestion] Simple hotkey helpful for cardgames

    There is a rotation snap setting on the top right of the screen that you can change to 90 degrees.

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