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Thread: [v3.6] Hide cursor other boards in "Fog of War"

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    [v3.6] Hide cursor other boards in "Fog of War"

    The 'hidden' area is great for hiding items, but doesn't appear to hide extra boards or even player cursors so... it's not quite as private as it could be.

    In a mod I'm working on, one player has a mini version of the main board that he plays on as he hides and runs from the other characters. But if you can see where he is moving his cursor and when he grabs/drops items, you can basically guess what he is doing and where he is going and cheat the game.

    It would be awesome if you could also hide the cursor within the fog at a minimum, functionality to hide extra boards and etc could be added later or easily worked around.


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    [Suggestion] Hide cursor other boards in "Fog of War"

    Battleships would benefit from this.

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