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Thread: UI Attribute to remove click/open sound

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    Lightbulb UI Attribute to remove click/open sound

    Currently, I have panels that open and close with buttons using hide/show. After clicking one of these buttons, you can hear 2 clicks which play at the same time (the button click, and the panel opening). When these clicks are heard at the same time, they often have an effect of boosting the sound of the click noise. The only way I get around this boosted sound problem, is by using wait.frames to give a bit between opening each window, that way you hear two individual clicks instead.

    Because of this and because of further customization, I believe it would be good if a new attribute was added to enable or disable the sounds included with panels, buttons or any other UI elements that utilize this click sound.

    By having the ability to disable the default click/open sound, we could then create an Assetbundle with custom UI sounds which would be activated within each of the called button functions.

    Let me know what you guys think.
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