Hi guys I had a dark heresy/homebrew campaign constructed on table top simulator. You will start on a new hive planet called laskin in the calixis sector. you will start of as beastmen which includes ,wolfmen,lionmen,crocmen,minitaurmen,bearmen and elephantmen. all will have slightly different stats.


You start off in the holy terra year 6000 in the Calixis Sector on planet Laskin. This planet was originally inhabited by beast men after a battle in space resulted in your kind crash landing on the planet 1000 years ago along with some stragglers from the enemy side. Though you eventually learned to co-exist and even trade with each other

500 years after that more humans came known as the imperial guard and made a massive city called Kados Prime. On the out skirts of this is a small town called Synbilla Delta which harbours the scum of the planet and the low class the Detrona marketplace
Kados prime is a no go area for beast men as it is a kill on sight place that is if you are caught by the guard. Your kind know nothing of the place and what goes on inside.

Other than that the planet is pretty barren and is mostly desert like apart from some area's which the beast men own. Your kind have manage to cultivate animals,fish and grow crops. Which you trade daily at Detrona. The imperial guard however do not care about this as most of there trade is imported.

if your interested in joining the campaign please pm me or leave you discord details here. and yes you will need voice comms