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    Post Character Sheets

    With a lot of people talking about Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds, I think if you have the rulebooks, all you need to play D&D and other RPGs with friends online is a space to share character sheets, dice rolls and manage the characters in space and TTS has all that, except a decent way to share the character sheet.

    The best idea I can come with is to improve the notebook menu, like making the player choose to show his notes to everyone so it could keep color coded and still visible to everyone, and the ability to add tables, so the GM can make a template and everyone else just copies and fills their own sheet, even better, add the ability to add a background image, so the player (or GM) can create one with a blanc sheet as background, and align the tables with the sheet spaces so the sheet will look super official. Even better, the ability to create more "notebook menus" one just with character sheets, other just with tables and rules for the DM, like a screen shield.

    Another option would be make a better notecard, maybe with all that I said but physically on the table. Wich would be even better I think, although having every character and sheet on an easy-to-access-always-visible-menu would be super convenient, maybe instead of editing the title and body with plain text (and BBCode!) It could be an "edit" menu.

    Here is an exemple of what we have so far vs what I mean
    Desktop Screenshot 2018.10.06 - Screenshot 2018.10.06 - - Copy.jpg

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    I just create the character in whatever utility I use outside of TTS (GURPS Character Assistant usually). Save as a PDF, convert the pages to JPG, and then load them as custom tiles. Sure, it's not modifiable in game, but that's hardly an issue to me.
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    1- create the character in whatever utility outside of TTS.
    2- Save as a PDF
    3- convert the pages to JPG
    4- load them as custom tiles

    It may not be an issue, but its hardly a strait forward process, what I am suggesting is open notes, fill tables, done. No third party software, conversion, upload and import, necessary, you could do editing on the fly, like hit points, level ups, inventory management etc, all built in, its not impossible to play with that, its just a quality of life feature

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    I hear ya Takehara. An un-editable pdf or tile isn't the same. What I have been doing is using google sheets and alt-tabbing, but I hate having to do that. Theres also the tablet but its slow and not very easy to use.

    If we could import PDFs that supports forms and local storage, that would be awesome.

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