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Thread: Any chance this gets ported to Go and/or Quest?

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    Question Any chance this gets ported to Go and/or Quest?

    The portability of the Oculus Go and Quest sets would make gaming with TTS much more convenient.

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    One more voice requesting a port to the Oculus Quest. I've just received mine, and have only used it for about an hour, and I'm blown away... A port needs to happen! :-)

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    I also would love this on the Quest. My gaming friends are spread out across the US and even internationally now, and being able to play games with them in VR would be amazing. But, only one or two of them have gaming PCs, so being able to play this on a self-contained system would be ideal.

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    Just made an account to pop into this thread. Would absolutely love to see this ported to the Quest and Go.

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