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Thread: Fog of War tools

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    Fog of War tools

    First off.. sorry if asked/requested/annoying... searched and did not find.

    But i run a DnD game, and im looking to get the most out of Fog of War.

    Main question/request:
    Is it possible to make a button/token on the game board that when clicked, creates a predefined area of Fog of War on the board?

    And a button to reset it.

    My group spends a lot of time dungeon delving.. i use a mod called Stage to handle my board/map transitions.. i like it. But resetting the fog often through the menu and/or removing the fog when they return to town gets tedious at the pace they move.

    Is this possible?

    I tried finding something in the API about creating fog with coordinates but didnt see anything that looked helpful.

    Thanks in advance for considerations, suggestions and advice.

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    local fow = spawnObject({ type = 'FogOfWar', position = {bla, bla, bla}, otherParams })
    should work.
    See [url][/url] and [url][/url]

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    This might sound a bit forward... but i love you!
    It worked.. Thanks a ton.

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    Follow up.. im trying to use another button to remove it.. ive tried destroyobj(..) .... do i need to set fow to global or something..?

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    You should be able to do fow.destruct(). If you want, you could make fow global by removing the "local" word from before it in the snippet

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    Worked.. thx.

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