As a user who has played in vr extensively I've found a few issues with the vr mode and things that can be improved.

1. Tilt view option. With a heavy headset attached to your head constantly looking down at a board can be a bit of a pain in the neck, so an option to tilt up the board/your view like a drawing table can be tilted up so that a vr user doesn't have to keep looking down would be great for saving our necks (literally) and allowing for longer playtime of users.

2. This is specific to the jigsaw game mode that comes with tabletop but I imagine it has the same issue with other games with a similar mechanic. In vr it is way too hard to place puzzle pieces, I feel like the little green anchor aren't properly calibrated/set up to account for a vr input in how they grip things to where they are supposed to go. I've spent countless minutes in the jigsaw game just trying to put down the pieces in the right spots.

3. Some of the tools are broken. I'm not sure of the entirety of the tools but of the following I can't for the life of me get them to work. The point dropping tool that's attached to the line tool, and the ability to draw. I cannot get either of these abilities to work for me.