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Thread: Randomised Containers (Random Chests, Boosters, ...)

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    Randomised Containers (Random Chests, Boosters, ...)

    Tabletop Simulator is all about bringing as much of the hobby into the digital world. And when it comes to card games (or even DM-less RPG for that matters) the sense of wonder and enjoyment we can get from opening randomized crates is taken away by the fact, that they're not. That someone in the group has had to hand-pick everything and repeat that tiresome process over and over.

    It would be really nice if we could :

    1 - Create collections of items
    1.1 - Give a default drop chance to these items within the context of the collection
    2 - Assign one or multiple collections to a container
    2.1 - Edit locally the drop chance (or add a modifier to the default drop chance) of items within a collection
    3 - Set the number of items contained within the container, or a random range.
    3.1 - Be able to guarantee any number of items from any collection (again number or random range)
    3.2 - Set the chance that a random item would be picked from any given collection.

    That way we could finely tweak the loot.

    Example :
    1 - Create a collection of goblin weapons
    1.1 - Make goblin Halberds rarer than goblin clubs by default everywhere the collection is used.
    2 - Assign to the chest of a goblin lair, the collections "Goblin Weapons" and "Jewellery"
    2.1 - Decide that this is the warlords chest and thus, "halberds" will be more common than "Clubs" in such a high-status personal armoury.
    3 - Decide that the chest will contain between 7 and 10 items. (randomly picked number when applied. Here for example : 8).
    3.1 - Guarantee that of these items between 4 and 6 are weapons (randomly picked when applied. Here for example : 4)
    3.2 - Decide that for the 4 items that remain undetermined, there will be 80% chance that it is a "Jewel", and 20% chance that it is a "Goblin Weapon". (Also decided at random when applied is pressed).

    Once you have worked out the probabilities you know the number of items of each collection in the chest. You now use the drop chance of each item in those collections, using the edited (or modified) drop chances of the chest at hand. Once the chest has been generated after you pressed "Apply", it simply holds those objects, it's now simply a matter of drawing from it like any container.

    It would also be nice if you could both "Copy" the container (and it's content) or "Duplicate" it (create a new container using the same rules).

    This is just the way I see it working, it might be easier to do all the randomness on drawing the items though. But I feel, doing all the computations beforehand during the setup phase, might make for more dynamic games. I'ld hate to have to wait 2 minutes for the computation of a big chest to end before I can discover what my GM had in stock ^^'

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    You can totally do this with a web server running a simple API and spawnObjectJSON

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    Or scripting and spawning stuff from it

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    Well having to run a web server just to play a game with a friend seems to be complete overkill. Especially for something as basic as randomized loot.

    I wouldn't mind having to script things, I just have to look into it (When I'm done coding Chess 2.0 AI ^^), yet I feel like it might not be as elegant and scalable as what I was suggesting.

    Things like being able to mix and match pre-made collections, having it be very generic (If I have to create tens of boosters I don't want to make a script for each and everyone of them, hard-coding the objects ID), ... might not be doable (in any convincing way) through scripting. I'll have to look it up.

    Yet I would maintain that it is something that should be included, pulling X items from Y collection with Z probability, is just such a common thing in board games, card games, RPGs, ... Everything that TTS is about.

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    And the way you'd do it in real life is bags or decks with different quantities of items - that's 1:1 reproducible in TTS. You're thinking of a more managed, artificial system which would need some scripting or other hacks to get done

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    Been working on the loot conundrum lately. I currently duplicate items many times in a bag, to create the correct probability. Looking for a script added to a some sort of bag that would allow you to assign the probability, that would be the best solution so you donít have bags with 1000s of items in it. This would be a great addition to TTS

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