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Thread: Option to completely hide "hidden zone" boxes

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    Option to completely hide "hidden zone" boxes

    I'm going to be using Tabletop Simulator to run a D&D campaign, and I'm keeping my DM area hidden using a hidden zone; however, in the game, my entire DM zone is covered in a grey haze that kinda sucks for looking at stuff. Would it be possible to add an option to remove this haze? I don't need to be "reminded" that my DM zone is invisible to the players; I know where it is and isn't, and the grey haze is kinda distracting.

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    As a quick note, I found a workaround for my particular use case, which was to jack the size of the hidden zone up so that my camera is inside the zone, but this does create a rather unsightly grey wall for the other players instead of a tidy hidden zone.

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    You can make a scripting zone that sets anything entering to invisible and turns it back off when stuff leaves. Post on Discord if you'd need help with it.

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