In my [url=""]"Shout Out"[/url] post in the Introductions forum I mentioned Wolfire's original Desperate Gods board game prototype. That got me to digging around in the old DG forums, which brought me to this old [url=""]Wish-List Post[/url] about how to make the game viable for all types of tabletop use.

Looking back on my Desperate Gods wish list, I realized that Tabletop Simulator has successfully implemented almost every one one of my old ideas into their current engine! You guys are like my personal Santa Claus!

Now I wouldn't dare imagine that I was the first, or only person coming up with these ideas back in 2012. All of these features are so obvious, they would have to be implemented to allow a successful open-ended tabletop experience.

At this point, the only 'missing' features from my old wish list are: Thinner cards, Cut the Deck, Drop One piece from a bundle, Gather a bundle of similar pieces into a Stack or Deck.

Thinner Cards: Not that important.
Cut The Deck: Might be helpful for certain card games. But a deck can be shuffled at any moment by shaking it, which ensures a good randomization.
Drop One Piece: This action would be very helpful for playing a game like Mancala. Tap and gather all of your stones and then drop one stone into each cup.
Gather or Stack: Tap to pick up a bunch of messy cards and them combine them into a neatly stacked deck. Same thing with poker chips etc…

Anyhow, I am already beyond ecstatic about TTS. Even if you never changed a single thing I would still be in heaven!