Welcome to Berserk Games! We are an easy going group, but like every other place, there has to be general rules in place. Please follow them, treat one another with respect and courtesy, and we'll all get along quite nicely.


  • Be nice to one another: Do not personally attack anyone, ever. Even if they are not right, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Follow the rule of "constructive criticism" without being a jerk.

  • Accounts: Only one account per person. Duplicate accounts will be banned and/or deleted.

  • Inappropriate Content: This site and its forums are available to members of all ages. As such, images and content that are obscene and NSFW are not allowed. Basically no posting illegal content or anything that is deemed 18+.

  • Custom Content/Mods: Posting original works (everything is owned by you) in the [URL="http://www.berserk-games.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?17-Original-Content"]Original Content[/URL] is encouraged, so others can post their feedback, offer suggestions, etc. However, please do not discuss any custom content/mods that are not completely original. Due to legality and copyright issues, we'd like to keep these discussions off of our official forums. Any threads created will just be deleted, even if you get permission from the developer/publisher (note you got permission from them in your Workshop page. Feel free to post in the [URL="http://steamcommunity.com/app/286160/discussions/"]Workshop Discussion forums[/URL] for all your other needs.

  • Backseat Moderating: We appreciate you want to help, but please leave it to the admins and mods!


  • No double posting: Please use the "edit" button on your previous post if you have something to add. If your post hasn't been replied to after a couple days, then feel free to "bump" it once.

  • Spam/off-topic: Emote spam, one-word posts or replying with just an image or "meme" is not allowed. If you agree with something or like it, please use the new "thanks/like" buttons on the right side of the user's name.

  • Signatures/Avatars: No overly loud/animated gifs for avatars and signatures. Feel free to post your own website links, but referral links will be removed and you may get a warning.

  • Language: All messages must be in English.

  • Advertising: Do not post advertisements or referral links to other sites/products.

Admins and mods reserve the right to delete, edit, close, or move posts and threads for any reason. In most cases, there will be a reason listed for the moderation. If you have a problem with an admin or mod, please contact them privately through PM and discuss it with them in a rational manner. If you still have an issue, please contact one of the developers privately.

The rules above can be changed at any time.