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Thread: [v4.2] Set mass values for dice in Json file

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    [v4.2] Set mass values for dice in Json file

    I downloaded some custom dice and they do not seem to have nearly the mass of the generic dice provided in Tabletop Simulator... Perhaps I'm missing a value in the JSON file to change this but the custom dice really seem to float around much more even when material type is set to "metal".

    Another aspect of this... is there any way to get custom dice to sound like the standard numeric plastic dice in Tabletop Simulator? The Tabletop Simulator standard dice sound "right", but everything custom sounds very tinny in plastic - am I missing something?

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    You should be able to change the die's perceived weight by playing around with the values in the Physics menu, which was added in the recent patch. Access the menu by right clicking on any object.

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    As Gambler423 said, this was added in [URL=""]update v4.2[/URL], but of course you posted this the day before we added it haha. Just right click on an object and change the mass or any other option to whatever you desire.

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