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Thread: Crashing On Starting New Game

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    Crashing On Starting New Game


    I recently purchased TTS (Steam, Windows 10). It worked the first time I ran it, but it has not worked since. Whenever I go to start a new game (create, single player) it looks like Unity Crash Manager (Tabletop Simulator - Unity 2019.1.0f2_292b93d75a2c) pops up, a green bar starts to fill, then the whole app crashes.

    For reference:
    CPU - AMD FX-8350
    GPU - GTX 1070ti

    I have done the following from the suggested troubleshooting:
    - reinstalled steam
    - updated all drivers
    - removed msi afterburner and any others
    - verified game cache
    - ran through all debugs: nosteam will not load a new game, so I'm not sure how much that helps. All others showed same crash
    - Reinstalled the MS Visual C++ 2012, both 64 and 86
    - tried to manually allow through firewall

    I am at a loss, as I have spent all night troubleshooting to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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    I'm thinking it's corrupt data somewhere, since I can join other people's games, but it crashes only when trying to create a game. Again, any help would be appreciated.

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    For anyone who has this same issue, try disabling Steam cloud saves for Tabletop Simulator. I think I had a corrupt save, but after I disabled cloud save and reinstalled, it was fixed.

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    We released a hot fix to fix corrupt saves crashing the game.

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