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Thread: Crashes on launch - Mac

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    Crashes on launch - Mac


    I recently purchased Tabletop Simulator, and i've played for 17 hours without a problem.

    Tonight, when I'm trying to launch the game, it's crashing as soon as the game has loaded. I see the Berserk logo, the loading screen with the spinning wheel, and then it crashes.

    I've searched around the Internet and found a few people who have had similar problems, and I've tried each of the solutions without success.

    It doesn't crash if I add -nosteam to the launch options, but obviously I want to play multiplayer, so that's not enough...

    I have a 2015 Macbook Pro running High Sierra. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

    EDIT: High Sierra isn't the latest operating system, which I'm just remembering. I haven't updated for a few random reasons, but that could be causing my problems. I'll update my operating system asap, and if that fixes it I'll post again in this thread.

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    Update: My Macbook is completely updated and it's still crashing.

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    There are multiple threads on the Steam TTS community forum reporting this same issue. Hope there's a solution soon, I'd really like to play this game...

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    Bumping this thread one more time in hopes of a response. Just to be clear, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game, I've even uninstalled the steam client; I'm running the latest OS; I've tried every random fix I've found online to this problem, and the only thing that's worked is -nosteam in the launch options, which prevents me from playing the game.

    I'm only trying this hard because my gaming group migrated over to tabletop simulator to play a few specific games, and I haven't been able to join them at all since it happened, and I really miss it...

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