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Thread: Duplicate of id (guid)?

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    Question Duplicate of id (guid)?

    I have Infinite Bag with an object (e.g. Red Square).

    I check guid of new objects from the bag using function onObjectPickUp().

    When I take first object, it has some guid, e.g. 94abd0.
    I double check it using context menu in UI - it's 94abd0.

    But when I take second object, it has the same guid in onObjectPickUp() - 94abd0!
    Later in UI I see different guid, so I guess it changes very fast after is spawned.
    The issue is that the guid is the same in onObjectPickUp() despite it's another separate object.

    function onObjectPickUp(color, obj)

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    infinite bags all have the same object in them.. so every object in the bag will have the same GUID.. but TTS requires every GUID to be unique in the scene.. when a object is spawned and has the same guid as another object it is assigned a random unique guid. So as you pull objects out of a infinate bag they all eve up wth diffrent guids.

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