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Thread: UI vs. game interface

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    UI vs. game interface

    I don't know for sure if this is a bug or if it is a feature.

    As it stands now, my game board with large buttons on it catches the clicks from the save/load window (or any other top level game UI window) This is confusing at best and badly broken in my opinion.

    In a perfect world, whichever "window" is in front should always get first chance at a click if it is catching any. If that front window could then pass on any click to "windows" behind it that could accept the click, some niceness would be possible.

    I could place a transparent button over the game player list, and pop a menu with a mix of custom and standard choices, deal with the custom choices in my script, and pass the rest to the underlying interface...

    I think the front window should always get the click, even if it cannot pass it along.

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    Just my opinion:

    1. Game menu should always have higher priority. This way, if you accidentally cover up the game menu, you can still access it to fix the error. If UI elements had greater priority you could lock yourself into a game because your UI element could cover the game menu and then you don't be able to access the game menu to switch games and/or the scripting menu to move the UI elements.

    2. Currently UI elements capture clicks even if they cannot pass it along and this is a problem. I created a game where each player had their own UI buttons but, since each player saw only their buttons, the buttons for each player were in the same screen area. However, when the game was run the buttons did not work because they were being captured (but not processed) by the invisible buttons.

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