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Thread: Custom Assets Fail to Load - Problem Cause Identified.. What's the permanent fix?

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    Custom Assets Fail to Load - Problem Cause Identified.. What's the permanent fix?

    I've been playing this for about a month running a D&D campaign. Everytime I load, I lose certain figurines, not all. Everytime it was my player characters and I couldn't figure out why. The error was:

    "Failure to Load Custom_AssetBundle" or the like; "Value cannot be null."

    The size of the figurines would also re-set to default, if it actually stayed at all.

    The common feature among those with the problem was that they all had the toggle "Reveal Fog of War" checked. I unchecked it, tested it and they all stayed in place, loaded fine, and stayed the desired size.

    So... other than disabling the fog of war revealer toggle each time I save and quit a gaming session... is there a more permanent fix?

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    Hey, I have same problem but i've overwritten my save and now I can't delete this custom object that keeps falling from table and respawning. Did you managed how to fix?

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