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Thread: TTS Core UI Is Not Top Most / Non-Visible Buttons Capture Click Events

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    TTS Core UI Is Not Top Most / Non-Visible Buttons Capture Click Events

    I am in the process of creating a D&D framework which has a number of UI buttons that are visible only to certain players. The buttons are positioned on the sides of the screen. For most players, the buttons are on the right hand side and bottom of the screen. However, for one player (who is controlling two characters) there are additional buttons below the top TTS menu and on the left hand side.

    The issue is that regardless if these buttons are visible to the current player or not, they prevent selection from TTS pulldown menus. It seems that the TTS menus are not "on top" and the custom created buttons seem to prevent clicks on the TTS menu even if the custom buttons are not visible.

    For example,

    There are a number of custom buttons just under the TTS core menu at the top of the screen which are only visible to the Blue Player. As the Black player (i.e. a player that does not see the custom buttons), I click on the Objects menu. Since this part of the menu is not covered by a custom button, the Objects menu opens. The selections from this menu, however, take up the same screen space as the custom buttons (which are currently not visible to this player). When I try to select a Object menu selection such as Components, Tables, Backgrounds, etc the selection does not do anything. What seems to be happening is that the non visible button is catching the click event, not processing its action (expected since it is not visible), but not passing the click event to other components like the TTS core menu.

    This behavior was confirmed by bringing up the Components menu which is a drag-able dialog. When the dialog was moved to any part of the screen that has a non-visible custom button, the selection in the dialog would not work. When the dialog was moved to some other part of the screen, the selection worked normally.

    Expected Behavior 1: TTS Core UI should always have highest priority (i.e. always on top).
    Observed Behavior 1: TTS Core UI does not always have highest priority.

    Expected Behavior 2: Non-visible buttons should have no impact on click actions.
    Observed Behavior 2: Non-visible buttons capture click events and do not propagate them to TTS Core UI (or possibly other custom visible components)

    I need to do some additional investigation but this could be a large concern if one is creating custom UI buttons (in the same parts of the screen) which are different for each player. In such a case, it might be possible that non-visible buttons (i.e. buttons visible for other players) may capture click events thus not allowing the click to get propagated to actual visible component.

    UPDATE 1:

    The problem was observed with UI elements connected to the Global space. UI elements connected to objects were not tested.

    UPDATE 2:

    It has been confirmed that this bug prevents the clicking of any Core TTS menus AND any custom buttons for any player if the same screen area contains custom buttons not visible to the player.

    This completely destroyed my Framework because my framework creates custom buttons for each player based on their character. However, because the custom buttons are in the same area for all of the players (with visibility set so that only buttons for a specific characters are visible to specific players), none of the custom buttons can be clicked.
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