He goes by many iterations of the same name, but he is always the same asshole.

Dave... The... Scrub. (Steam ID /76561198177857575/)

He joins numbers games a day, idly playing to make sure no one assumes he is up to anything nefarious. Then out of no where, when the game is not going his way, he will do everything in his powers (usually via a macro) to crash the server, which in turn can overload peoples hardware causing their computers to bluescreen. It's got to the point where criminal damage charges could be pressed against him if he causes someones CPU to fail. It's cyber attacks and cyber crimes are still crimes.

There's probably at least 100 active and trusted TTS members out there that will confirm that he is the single worse member of the tabletop community.

This guy constantly, without fail, crashes peoples games, clients and PC's and its pushing people away from the game. Yes we have the ability to ban him, but he also has the ability -and uses that ability- to make a free steam account and family share his game to come back a greif again.

Something needs to be done about this before it's too late. It's well within your powers to revoke his key. It's well within your powers to Ban him, It's well within your powers to make sure you cover your backs before someones hardware is damaged by his actions.

Please, for the love of this comminty, do something about this asshole.