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Thread: Need Some Help With Fog of War

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    Need Some Help With Fog of War

    Hi folks

    I have started running a D&D game recently and have been putting together my first dungeon. I would like to use the fog of war feature, but have run into some snags, and am looking for workarounds. Here is the problem:

    I set up my table like below (this is from the DM view, so you can see everything at play here)

    In this picture I have some 3D models from Steam Workshop on top of a stage (the floor)created through the Skytool mod. The table that this all sits on is part of Skytool as well. My revealer is the figurine in the bottom right with the range set to match the darkvision range my player's characters have.

    And how it looks from a non DM color at the table. So far so good, sort of.

    Here comes the head scratching part. Notice how after I have moved the figurine through part of the dungeon it reveals the appropriate 3D models and floor... and a bit more. 3D models are revealed correctly, with those blocked by line of sight not showing up, but the floor is almost always revealed at maximum revealer range, despite solid walls in the way. I marked the path my figurine was dragged in red.

    As you can see the location of some hallways and even my secret passageway are betrayed by the flooring being revealed. My object lift height is set fairly low so as to avoid peeking over while being dragged. I observed that the floor is revealed mainly when the figurine is far from the obstructing wall. If the figurine is close to the wall its sight is correctly blocked, and does not reveal the floor behind it (which is a moot point as the approaching figurine already revealed it).

    One thing I have tried is to not use Skytool's stage tool, and just have everything sit on a blown up tile or token locked in place on the table. Works great! Except now my reveal range is limited to about 8.5/20 on the slider, despite me setting it higher.

    Does anyone have some ideas?
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