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Thread: Provides RPG Characters vs AssetBundle Characters

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    Provides RPG Characters vs AssetBundle Characters

    When I add one of the RPG characters provided with TTS, the right click context menu has a Mode, Attack and Die menu item which can be used to trigger the corresponding animation.

    When I add new characters using an Asset Bundle, they have Looking Effects and Trigger Effects which can be accessed, in a script, with self.AssetBundle.playLoopingEffect(n) or self.AssetBundle.playTriggerEffect(n).

    My scripts use these to automatically trigger the walking motion when the token is picked up and the attack animation when players use UI buttons to roll for an attack.

    The issue I ran into is that the stock RPG characters (which come with TTS) don't seem to respond to self.AssetBundle.playLoopingEffect(n) or self.AssetBundle.playTriggerEffect(n). Instead they throw an error.

    Is there a way to trigger the animations on the stock RPG characters from a TTS script?

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    Found it. There is an object called RPGFigurines which are used for the stock RPG characters.

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