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Thread: Looking for couple of players for a custom 5e game.!!

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    Looking for couple of players for a custom 5e game.!!

    Looking to try out 3-4 players For a couple of fun custom 5e games that will hopefully turn in to a long term group. The game is planned to run for 3-4 weeks with the goal of finding like minded people to form a long term group, were hoping to start Sunday the 11th between 10 A.M. and 2 P.M.EST. and each session running for 4 hours. Sunday the 11th will be session zero where we will meet and greet, make characters together, discuss the upcoming games and if we have time left over, play. Experience is not required to join, if you are interested in joining click the link to join the discord and in the run up to the game well get to know each other. [url=][/url] [url=]FetLife[/url] [url=]vshare[/url]
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    If you can't find people to join, I suggest posting in the corresponding D&D 5th Edition group on Facebook. Indicate that the game is an online games using TTS and Discord (or whatever you use for voice). I also suggest posting the expected session times (including time zone). This is how I found players for my D&D game in a manner of hours.

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    Hey I never played D&D but I want to learn how to play it so much. Can I join too? I played a lot of RPGs over years and a lot of board games such as Carcassone; so I can say that I have some experience in the geek world But not in D&D... Only watched people playing it a couple of times. I met with a couple of guys who are interested in learning D&D when I've been to Portugal in order to find [URL=""]Algarve apartments for sale[/URL] last summer and if you it's ok I can invite them as well. What do you think? By the way there's something wrong with the Discord link you posted.

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    Is it still relevant?

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