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Thread: XCOM 2 Map and Character Models request!!

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    XCOM 2 Map and Character Models request!!

    Okay, so as the title says I'm looking to get the maps and most of the character models from the game XCOM 2. I'm making an XCOM 2 styled DND game, I have all of the classes finished, and most of the rules finished, and I've been doing some testing with my friends, and I'm almost ready to start the actual campaign, but it's a little weird using 40k maps and seeing Space Marine statues and insignia all over the place lol. So I figure that you will probably need to have XCOM 2 and all of the DLC downloaded, and if you don't have it, I can gift it to you on Steam. And I will pay you for doing this obviously, I have PayPal, Venmo, and Cashapp. Message me, and name your price. Also, if you're curious about the XCOM 2 DND game, message me, and I can send you all of the rules and things once they're finished.[url=]reverse phone lookup[/url][url=]nba reddit[/url] [url=]pcpartpicker [/url]
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    I have not played XCOM2 but most games use their own proprietary storage for models (probably, partially, for exactly this reason) and thus it may be very difficult to extra the models into TTS or Unity supported file format. It may be quicker to search the internet for free source material like the Maximo website to try to recreate the desired content.

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