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Thread: Remove automatic selection of all text in component inputs

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    Remove automatic selection of all text in component inputs

    Currently clicking custom text inputs connected to components automatically selects all text in the field. This easily leads to accidental deletions (and ctrl-z doesn't work). Say you click your character sheet, but before you even get to editing your attention is needed elsewhere and you reflexively move with WSAD - goodbye full page of notes. Happens all the time in RPG sessions unless one is particularly careful.

    My suggestion is simply to remove automatic selection of all text in component inputs, as per thread tiltle. I believe it would lead to more comfortable user experience and less wasted typing.
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    I disagree it should be removed, but the issue should be addressed. Having Ctrl+Z seems like it would be very beneficial, for example, not just for this particular problem. Also, what do you mean by "component inputs"? if you mean scripted inputs, it could be either using XML or the old scripted inputs. Not sure about the default behavior of either, but if they do automatically select the whole text box, it would be better to just add a setting that lets you turn off automatic selection.

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    I mean any component with added custom text fields that you click to edit attached text. Like in some custom notecards and character sheets you can find in the workshop. Here for example: [url][/url]

    I think all text in the input field should only be selected with ctrl-a, like in most text editors, not automatically on clicking the field. Because text in such components can get pretty long, and you typically click the field to add to it, not to overwrite it all. So currently you need to be super careful about deselecting existing content before typing anything new.

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    I think inputs in most mods are usually filled with pretty short strings. Usually, it's just numbers or 1 word like a name, like in those counters you linked actually (but not the notes).

    I still would want that to be the default behavior for any created input but a parameter/attribute would be very easy to do.

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    Not when you use them extensively for RPG character sheets. And the best universal character sheet ever created is a large blank sheet of paper.

    So how about only autoselecting text no longer than a single line?

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