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Thread: Looking at making a Dragon Age Origins TTS mod based on War of the Ring, looking for

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    Looking at making a Dragon Age Origins TTS mod based on War of the Ring, looking for

    As the title says. I recently bought War of the Ring and played it twice. Great game, but I personally am a bigger fan of the Dragon Age lore. Don’t get me wrong, LOTR is great, but being immersed in a 60 hour-long RPG just really makes the lore and world a lot more meaningful than a movie or book IMO.

    I have played DA:O, but not 2 or Inquisition yet so preferably no spoilers, but I’m looking at adapting the War of the Ring rule set to a Dragon Age Origins mod for TTS. So if there is anybody interested in assisting in play testing or if you have any ideas you’d want to contribute, let me know. Ideally I am planning to get an idea of the game and then create a map of Ferelden and unit models, plus a default setup for the mod. This is something I’m able to do on my own, I just wanted to throw it out there if it’s up anybody else’s ally[url=]tweakbox[/url] [url=]appvalley[/url] [url=][/url]
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