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Thread: Custom model freaks out when it's flipped

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    Custom model freaks out when it's flipped

    Hello everyone,,
    I imported a custom Nocturne model from this website: [url][/url]. It came with the .obj and texture files and I resized the model in Windows 3D Builder because the original was too large to fit onto a board. Everything looks and works great except when I flip the model, it jumps past the board and into the background and then teleports back to its original position flipped over. The smooth flipping animation seems to be bugged or missing. Also, if I grab the model sometimes it jumps all over the map. How do I fix this?[url=][/url] [url=][/url] [url=][/url]

    After playing with the model some more, it seems that if I load in the original model, all the physics work properly, but when I edit the .obj to scale it down, something breaks. Maybe I have to redefine the anchor point or something?
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    Add a custom collider to it, preferably a box or several boxes.

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