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Thread: Workshop updating/uploading fail

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    Workshop updating/uploading fail

    Hello everyone,,
    I have uploaded my mod a while ago and tried to update it, using the 9 digit ID it uses. Then I got a message "Workshop update has failed". I double checked the ID and the original mod is fine as well in the workshop.

    Actually I also cannot upload any more mods, I keep getting that unique 20 digit error "ID" code, no matter how I try.
    [url=]mobdro[/url] [url=]lucky patcher[/url] [url=]kodi[/url]
    This particular technical problem is quite long-lasting, haven't been solved since my first issue.

    If this problem is local for me, is it possible to ask other players to upload my mods to the Workshop for me?

    Thanks in advance!!!!
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    I just recently upload a (new) Workshop and it worked fine for me. Have not tried the update lately.

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