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Thread: PDF feature bug

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    [solved] PDF feature bug

    (at first i posted the bug on steam but then i read you prefer bug reports on the technicals forums, so i posted them here, too)

    hi there again. a friend and me experimented a bit with PDF and there are some bugs. let me explain them in different situations.

    solved situation 1: i am host and my friend joins my game room. for him, the "popout" and "next page" buttons at the PDF are not at the pdf but out of the pdf (at the table). for me (i am host) everything is normal and the popout and next-page buttons are on the pdf tile. we switched roles, he took over host and i was a joined user. the roles switched so the bug switched: for me the buttons were dislocated and for him they were normally on the pdf tile as it should be.

    solved situation 2: as said in situation1, for non-hosts the popout and next page buttons are dislocated. but that aside, clicking on popout or next page buttons do not work for usual players (usual players = not host players)

    solved situation 3: we have a PDF with more than 10 pages (lets say we have a pdf with 150 pages). pages 0-9 dont work. we get random pages when using the keyboard key numbers 1-9 (for quick page changing you hover the mosue over the pdf and click a number to make it quick switch to the desired page). pages 1-9 only work if we type 01 - 09. so we need a zero in front of single digits when we have a pdf with 10+ pages.
    having a pdf with maximal 10 pages doesnt trigger this bug. 0-9 normally work with pdfs with 10 or less pages. (why 10 pages? because if pdf has exactly 10 pages, page 10 uses the number hotkey 0. so having a 10 paged pdf you yuse 0 - 9 number hotkeys. not double digits)
    so i guess this bug occures when you have 11 or more pages, which add the use of double digits to quick change pages. so 1-9 dont work anymore. generally when the pdf has more than 10 pages, digits 1-9 will always open the last page. unless the pdf has 34 or more pages, digits 1-9 will strangely always open page 34. (so if you have a pdf with 76, 935 and one with 148 pages, and you want to switch tp page 1-9 each, with hotkeys, it will always go to page 34)

    solved situation 4: generally when pdf has pages with 3 or 4 digits (100+ pages or 1000+ pages) you cant change state quickly by typing for example 345. it will only read 2 digits (34) and afterwards it starts to read the last inputs anew (5).

    solved situation 5: example: you have a pdf with 76 pages and in the pdf page one begins at page 17. so i do offset=17. using hotkeys, offset works perfectly (of course for pages 1-9 you need to use hotkeys 01-09 since the bug described in situation 3 still isnt solved). so in other words, going to page 01 with hotkeys results in opening page 17 in the pdf, which is labled page 1 on the side. the problem starts, when you right click your pdf and want to switch pages manually in the context menu in the "page" tab. there you can choose between page 1 and max 99. problem is, clicking at page 1-17 doesnt work. only clicking page 18 works. so in other words, the offsets makes the manual page switching in the context menu buggy according to the offset number you chose.

    solved situatin 6: there is a conflict with pdfs with offset use that changes the pages to maximal 10 hotkeys.
    example: you have a pdf with 13 pages. you set offset to -3. that causes the paging change from 1 to 13 into -2 to 10. page 10 int accessable via hotkeys anymore, since the 0 will open the now real page 0 instead of page 10.
    another example (more realistic): pdf with 11 pages and offset -1. the paging changes from 1 to 11 into 0 to 10. when using hotkey 0, page 10 won't be opened, but "originally page 1" (which is page 0 now after setting offset to -1).
    and another bug (?): lets say we used offset and the paging changed into something like -5 to 17. obviously pages -5 to -1 are not accessable via hotkeys. why? because when using " - " (minus) it is making the pdf smaller (since - and + are hotkeys for resizing an object). well im not sure if you planed on making the minus pages accessable in the first place. since.. thats what's an offset is for: to skip the not needed pages (mostly intro pages and stuff at the beginning) to go directly to the real page 1 (or to the content summary)
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    Video reproducing the issue [url][/url]

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    i added more detailed bug information to situation 3
    and i added a new situation 4, since its part of the pdf feature.

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    all bugs solved (i somehow cant change the flair of my first post)

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    re-opened because of new bugs.

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