It would be really cool to have de-syncing capabilities on the music player.

The idea here is to have scripting methods to allow a human player to hear a different song from the others. The reason for this is allowing it would let modders create conditions for one player to hear a certain song in certain situations.
A classic example is having a different song playing when it's your turn, so you'd know just from the music that it's your turn to play (great since so many people don't hear the beep or see the End turn button show up when it's their turn). Another example would be having song(s) playing based on your role, like if you're the traitor in the game or for 1 vs many games, etc.

The de-syncing should be mentioned and visible on the Music Player so that the player knows their music isn't the same as the others and only they can hear it. Players should also be able to press a sync/de-sync button to manually sync/de-sync the Music Player if they want to. Re-syncing the player would put the song and playlist back that the others are hearing, as well as placing them in the correct point in the song. Ideally, if they de-synced again they would go back to the song/playlist they were listening to when they last de-synced.

This feature could end up being really powerful for providing interesting audio experiences as people play games on TTS. Colud combo quite well with [URL=""]this other suggestion[/URL].