To start, I would like to thank you guys for adding yet another new feature to the game which seems to work as intended for static pdfs (like rulebooks that you mentioned) and that's in the left hand side of the screenshot. I tried running a search on the forums and found most results talking about the TextTool and the new PDF feature seems to be having issues organizing pages but nothing about this (not sure if it's a feature being worked on for the future but it appears to not be working so I thought I would screenshot and submit).

The two pdfs in the middle and right are character sheets for Dungeons and Dragons. They contain text fields for filling out various information and even scripts for auto-populating other text fields or tables and even dropdown boxes (down arrow multiple choice selections). All these are not being correctly transported into Tabletop Simulator through the "Custom PDF" tool. Thank you for all the all work - great application regardless


P.S. The workaround before PDFs were added has been screenshotting or exporting the pdfs as JPEG images then placing them into pages ingame (then combining the objects into pages) but was wondering if this new feature would be addressing this to make it more streamline