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Thread: Custom UI icons - what are they?

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    Custom UI icons - what are they?

    I'm just trying out the custom UI. The docs refer to an icon defined by a string value. What is this icon? An object in the game? A bitmap? Is the string value supposed to be the UID or what? I can't find this in the documentation, probably just haven't looked in the right place.

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    I found this in the documentation. Not sure if it is related:

    Image Attributes
    Applies to elements with an image component. The string that images all take is the NAME THE IMAGE WAS GIVEN WHEN YOU PUT IT IN THE IN-GAME ASSET MANAGER.

    What is the IN-GAME ASSET MANAGER? Is this the CLOUD MANAGER or do we need to load these assets in using code like:

    function onLoad()
        local assets = {
                name = "Image 1",
                url  = ""
                name = "Image 2",
                url  = ""

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