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Thread: fog of war still buggy

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    fog of war still buggy

    in certain cases fog of war is still buggy. here are situations i found out:

    situation 1: i am host, a friend joins my room. i promote my friend and give him game master rights. when he grabs an item inside fog of war, for a brief time (maybe half a second) i can see the item he grabbed, and the it gets black again. the non-host can see it too.

    situation 2: when i am non-host, and i am a normal player (not game master) and if i successfully blindly grab an item in fog of war by luck, sometimes it happens that i can briefly see the item (about half a second long or shorter).

    situation 3: when an item in fog of war (for example an ogre figure from the TTS preset object collection) falls on the side inside of fog of war (becausea player baybe accidently threw an item into fog of war and it hit a figure and that caused the figure to fall down on its side, still in the fog of war), then this figure is visible for everyone, and not hidden by fog of war anymore


    we tested the above 3 situations with animated figures.

    then we ran a test with non-animated chess figures. it was the same except for situation 3. so i guess situation 3 occures when the figure's walk animation is loop-triggered when he falls on the ground.
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