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Thread: Need a powershell script that maps multiple network printers and network drives

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    Need a powershell script that maps multiple network printers and network drives

    Hello all, so I've been trying to get a script together to make deployments easier for users as we send techs out to do refreshes from 7 to 10. I have a small script that uses add printer commands after doing a dns flush, release, renew command and it properly adds the printers...but right now I'm trying to make it prettier or more intuitive by stating a specific error using if else statements.[url=]vidmate[/url] [url=]mobdro[/url] [url=]word counter[/url]

    It should go something like "printer 1 mapping SUCCESSFUL...Sending a test print


    "Printer 2 map FAILED, check the printer name" all in yellow with FAILED being red.

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