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Thread: Script access to session decal library

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    Script access to session decal library

    Currently it is possible to place decals by script, but you have to have the link for that decal, and the scripting environment has no access to the decals that can be placed by players.

    As far as I can tell, the decals that can be placed by players currently have to be imported one-by-one into any session.

    It would be useful for the script environment to be able to (at least) add decals to the library of decals placeable by the player, as well as get a table of the decals in that library for purposes of mapping decal names to links.

    I have worked around this, at this time, by creating a "decal library" object and script and adding a bit of script to the global environment. This creates a mapping of names to decal links, but does not allow the player to place them readily.

    function onload(saved_data)
    function onDropped(_color)
    function updateDecals()
    	local decalMap ='getDecalMap')
    	local decalTable = self.getDecals() or {}
    	-- add any decals on object to the map / update existing
    	for i=1, #decalTable do
    		decalMap[decalTable[i].name] = decalTable[i].url
    	-- clear decals on this object
    	decalTable = {}
    	-- gather information on all decals
    	local count = 0
    	for k,v in pairs(decalMap) do
    		count = count + 1
    		local decal = {} = k
    		decal.url = v
    		table.insert(decalTable, decal)
    	table.sort (decalTable, function (k1, k2) return < end )
    	-- x * x * 1.5 > count
    	local maxX = math.ceil(math.sqrt(count / 1.5)) - 1
    	local scale = 2.0 / (maxX + 1)
    	local x = 0
    	local y = 0
    	for _,v in ipairs(decalTable) do
    		v.position = {-x * scale + 1.0 - scale/2, 1.2, y * scale - 1.5 + scale/2}
    		v.rotation = {90,180,0}
    		v.scale = {scale,scale,1.0}
    		if (x < maxX) then
    			x = x + 1
    			x = 0
    			y = y + 1
    	-- we do this several times as there appears to be an issue with updates
    	--- seemingly, setDecals doesn't clear all of the existing decals (even after the earlier clear).
    	--- There do not seem to be issues with it not adding new ones, only not removing old ones.
    --- Add to Global script
    function getDecalMap()
    	decalMapTable = decalMapTable or {}
    	return decalMapTable

    Thank you for all of the hard work and time! Tabletop Simulator is an excellent tool and toy.

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    Yea agreed, this would be quite cool

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