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Thread: Fog of War: Unseeable Objects After Removing FoW

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    Fog of War: Unseeable Objects After Removing FoW

    Hello, all. I've been having an issue where my players cannot see an object after it's been removed from Fog of War. This happens with all kinds of objects (bags, notecards, tiles, D&D miniatures, etc.) and I'm not sure how to get around it aside from the following way:

    When I drag out an object from FoW, and the players cannot see it, I have to copy it and paste it for it to become seen. This can take up significant session time depending on how many objects are unseeable.

    My other option is to use the Hidden Zones, but my players have said they can still interact with objects that are within it, sometimes accidentally.

    Any recommendations?

    Edit: Using the toggles "Reveal Fog of War" and "Ignore Fog of War" after moving the object out of FoW, the need to copy and paste is removed. But the underlying issue of the object not being seeable upon being dragged out of FoW remains.
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