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Thread: Custom UI as tooltips

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    Lightbulb Custom UI as tooltips

    It would be really nice to be able to set Custom UI that is displayed in the same manner as tooltips.

    The idea is that tooltips are nice, but sometimes it would be very useful to be able to have an image, or more control over how the tooltip is displayed. Letting us set a Custom UI to be used as a tooltip when hovering an object (or even in other script-defined circumstances maybe?) could be very powerful.

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    You could run a script on Update that checks each players pointer against any objects that are to have tool tips. If the pointer is within the bounds of the object, create a UI element that is only visible to that player and record its Guid. If the pointer is not over any such object and the Guid is still set, destroy the object associated with the Guid and then clear the Guid storage. This will remove the tool tip when the player is not pointing to a tool tip object.

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    Seems heavy and complicated. Imo that should be built-in functionality, not something we cobble together. Tho I appreciate the hustle

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