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Thread: Option to toggle "Collision" on/off

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    Option to toggle "Collision" on/off

    Similar to the [url=]phantom lift[/url] idea, but would love to see the option to toggle Collision in the right-click menu of objects- object only collides with table, passes through any other objects on it. Alternatively, a modifier button to temporarily toggle the collision state.

    Many games that require rulers/templates to measure distance between models would benefit greatly from this as more often than not, the rulers' and models' collision meshes are fighting each other.
    I know this is somewhat doable currently with offset custom collision meshes, but it's quite impractical since among other things an object's pickup/grab-able area is determined by it's ColMesh, so a simple toggle of the collide state of an object would be so much better.
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    This would be helpful for trying to place objects below each other.


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