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Thread: Deck Searching

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    Deck Searching

    I am wondering if there is a method for searching your deck for specific cards (such as search your deck for a land card). If not I would love to see it as a feature, as I enjoy card heavy games and without this deck searching is a mega chore.

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    You can right-click on any deck of cards and hit "Search", then when you move your cursor to the left or right edges of the laid out cards, they will start to move through the cards in the deck. The red block shows the start/end point of the deck.
    When you've found the card you're looking for, just drag it out of the search pile, onto somewhere else on the board. (you can also drag cards from the board into the search pile)
    When you're done, just right click on any of the cards in the search pile and hit "Stop Search".

    Hope this helps!

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